Have a Little Faith!

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I thought my first blog post should be a nice motivational one:

Why Yoga is All About Faith!


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Going to your first yoga class, even if its only your first yoga class in awhile or a new instructor, can be, well, daunting or, if we are being frank, terrifying…

All those people who can not only touch their toes but the majority of them seem to be able to balance on their hands and look serene whilst sitting endlessly in half lotus, or the occasional die-hard-fan who seems to be pretty chilled out in full lotus, all of which can be rather intimidating, to say the least!

So let me share something with you, the secret is, other than not gawking at your fellow class mates, to have a little faith, even if its just a drop to start with.

Yoga is all about faith, I know that by now George Michael is probably on loop in your head, but its true. Start to believe that you can touch your toes and slowly it will happen, its not magic, if touching your knees was a challenge, you are not going to wake up the next day and touch your toes! But with dedication and faith it will happen and more than that, if you can have faith in your day-to-day lives then, like touching your toes, slowly your dreams will be realised as well. That’s the beauty of Yoga, it is a mental as much as a physical practice.

Let us take Bakasana, or Crow’s Pose, the first time an instructor told me we were going to stand on our hands in a scrunched up ball I thought ‘you have got to be kidding me’ (insert expletive somewhere in there and then you have what I actually thought but let’s keep it PG!).

In fact, I was so scared of failure, failure being the rather damaging knowledge that I could be falling face first with all of my weight neatly in a ball behind me, that I didn’t really try at all in the class, nor in the next class but slowly all of my class mates where starting to do it first time.

So… I went home and I surrounded myself with cushions and decided if the instructor thought I could do it, I was going to do it. So I did it!  I was so shocked that I nearly did fall on my face and yes I held it for all of half a second but let’s celebrate the small victories! It has since become effortless, with practice, and more importantly opened a door into so many other Yoga poses and ways of thinking.

It wasn’t only about having faith, it was also the great tip to ‘look forward not down’, another lesson in Yoga that should be reflected in everyday life!

So if your Yoga Instructor seems to have some crazy idea of a pose that she or he thinks you are going to achieve, just give it a go because undoubtedly the instructor believes that you can do it, so, so should you!

Have a little faith!  






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